Monday, 16 October 2017

Thames Travel back in 2010 was better than it is now

Thames Travel bus back in 2010 on route 144  to Workingham 
a route Thames Travel lost to Reading buses 

Thames Travel back in 2010 was better than it is now

Right so maybe it because they was not owned by Go Ahead Group or management under Oxford Bus Company but Thames Travel in 2010 was better because they use to stick to their timetables and never canceled or delayed services oh and they have acceptable friendly bus drivers instead of having rude cunts what they got now.So in all Thames Travel was better before Go Ahead Group and Oxford Bus Company went near it and lets hope Go Ahead Group and Oxford Bus Company stat well away from Reading buses.

Now if you go to Thames Travels Facebook and look at comments left by their customers the comments are mostly negative comment and very few good comments on their facebook page, so even their customers can see Thames Travel has changed for the worse since the Go Ahead acquisition in 2011. 

Link to Thames Travel facebook to see customers negative comments (do this just for fun and some  of the customers comments can be quite hilarious to read)

In my viewpoint “Thames Travel can be put into a basket of deplorables”

C. Young 
October 2017 

Thames Travel bus back in 2010 

Thames Travel bus in 2017
 see that Go Ahead/Oxford Bus Company have dropped the 
Thames Travel branding and replace it with crap connector branding 

Here what I mean about customers leaving negative comments on there facebook pag

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