Sunday, 10 September 2017

James Slattery Trolls Sky news reporter!

Sky news got trolled today by James Slattery

Speaking about today's meeting of the government's emergency Cobra committee, Sky's Lewis said: "It was chaired by Michael Fallon, the Defence Secretary.

"Theresa May not available to do it because she's up at Balmoral with her annual sojourn — her weekend with the Queen where we're told that the Hurricane [Irma] and its effects on the many territories over which the Queen of course is sovereign will be discussed."

A pedestrian could then be seen sidling up behind Goodall, before making a beeline towards the camera.

He then interrupted the report with his bizarre question.

Goodall turns to look at him before addressing the camera and ploughing on with aplomb.

It later emerged the passerby is known Irish prankster James Slattery.

He had tweeted a picture of his foot in a cast yesterday, writing: "Hitting the strip in London tomorrow to [film] pranks, the foot and crutches won't stop me just slow me down."

Viewers took to social media to respond to the prank, with one writing: "Where IS the skinhead with the mobile phone? Better get your top team on this breaking incident".

Another joked: "When things don't go to plan on live tv! #haveyouseenaskinhead".

Goodall showed he could take the joke — with a sly pop at the Leader of the House of Commons.

He tweeted: "That's no way to talk about Chris Grayling".

here is the link to the Sun website where they got pictures of it!